the provisioner's menu

where comfort meets gastronomy,
and tastebuds are met with literal delight
  1. as you wish cheese board
    pick of meats, gourmet cheese, olives, figs, breads 4-$12 8-$16 12-$18
  2. $10
    homer's hummus
    served with carrots, chips, celery - truly poetic...
  3. $10
    capone's caprese
    fresh mozzarella, basil, roasted peppers
compilations (soup)
  1. cup $4, bowl $7
    tortilla tuesday; wedding wednesday; tomato thursday and free-form friday
shakespeare's salads
$8 and $12

add a meat: chicken-$4, shrimp-$5, fish-$6

dressings: caesar, walnut, chipotle vinaigrette, ranch, smoked blue cheese​
  1. chaucer's chef
    mixed greens, with chicken, ham, bacon, tomatoes, cucumber, chopped egg and olives with ranch dressing
  2. tennessee william's wedge
    burgundy butter lettuce, chives, bacon, tomatoes, spiced walnuts and red onion with smoked blue cheese dressing
  3. spinach
    spinach, strawberries, spiced walnuts and goat cheese with walnut dressing
  4. mixed medley
    baby greens, tomatoes, feta, dried cranberries and toasted almond slivers with chipotle vinaigrette
  5. julia child's caesar
    romaine, chopped egg, roasted garlic and tomatoes with classic caesar dressing
kid's meals
(kids 12 and under)
  1. $7
    grilled cheese
    served with one side
  2. $7
    chicken little
    served with one side
  3. $6
    with toast points
  4. $6
    goodnight moon mac-n-cheese
brave new world wraps

comes with one side

wrap it in white or spinach...
  1. twain's turkey
    with provolone, guacamole, tomatoes, lettuce, pickles and bacon
  2. homer's hummus
    with dried cranberries, baby arugula, grilled zucchini and spiced chopped walnuts
  3. the great gatsby's grilled chicken
    guacamole, tomatoes, swiss cheese, bacon, lettuce and sour cream
  1. $14
    chicken, ham, turkey, swiss, american, provolone, lettuce, onion, tomato, mustard and mayo with bacon (comically good)
  2. $13
    turkey, ham, swiss, american, mayo, brown mustard, lettuce and tomato with bacon
  3. $10
    bacon, lettuce, tomato...yes, bacon
  4. $12
    charlotte's egg
    a classic cheddar, red onion, two egg sandwich...with bacon
  5. melville's meatloaf sliders, 2-$9 3-$12
    provolone, mushrooms, and candied jalapeño relish
  6. $12
    papa jim's chicago style italian beef
    award-winning recipe of hot italian beef stuffed into a hoagie roll with roasted bell peppers, served with au jus and mild giardiniera sauce
flatbread pizza
  1. $14
    salami, mozzarella, red onions, italian seasoning, marinara and bacon
  2. $12
    fresh basil, roma tomatoes, marinara and mozzarella cheese
  3. $10
    blend of italian cheeses with marinara
plato's plates
abridged (w/1 side), unabridged (w/2 sides)
  1. lady macbeth's meatloaf, $12 and $18
    mix of ground prime rib and italian sausage, topped in prosciutto, with provolone and marinara
  2. kate chopin's chicken pasta, $12 and $18
    andouille sausage, grilled chicken, tomatoes, scallions, garlic, linguini, in a cajun white wine sauce (comes with toast point, no sides)
choose your own adventure
choose a meat, sides, preperation, or add a topper!

prep - grilled, blackened or sauteed

toppers - sauteed mushrooms, choco-coffee, or super secret sauce for only $1
  1. chicken
    $12 and $16
  2. shrimp
    5 for $12 or 8 for $16
  3. pork
    $12 and $16
  4. catch of the day
    market price
$4 and $6
  1. soup or salad
  2. sautéed spinach or mushrooms
  3. pasta
  4. chips
  5. fries
  6. grilled veggies
just desserts
  1. $4
    charlie and the chocolate brownie
    brownie of the day
  2. $?
    editor's choice
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