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i come from a family of seven siblings… my mother made what could feed the most, as the older four are all boys. as a child when i visited friends’ houses, the seasonings and spices were all that i could think of whilst eating. in 8th grade, i traveled to louisiana for the first time, and my mouth exploded with all the flavors and food. my stepmother liked to eat out more, and was a bit more diverse in her recipes. let’s say some people eat for fuel others for fun, i am a bit of both. i can eat a ham and cheese sandwich made in a sandwich press made with love by my wife, or dine out on the most fantastical recipes known to man with equal pleasure.
i was asked to come north to the woodlands to an italian restaurant that had been open for five years, and needed to go that extra mile. through caterings and whatnot, i immediately saw results in a new and improved wine list, caterings, and fresh recipes. adding italian cooking to my repertoire really took my cooking where it was lacking. with high end wine dinners and caterings, preparing menus and food that had nothing to do with the day-to-day menu, while pairing it with wine really opened my eyes to how well they all compliment each other. teaching etiquette classes to schools over my time spent there made me realize we were missing something in how we are raising our little ones around the table.

i decided to step out on my own and fill a need within myself and what was lacking in the area… by performing cooking classes, private in-home wine dinners, and caterings, i built up a small fan base that asked me to go the route of brick and mortar… and here we are.

the concept, logo and theme were a recipe of success from my wife and me. we white-boarded out what i wanted to cook and how i wanted to cook it. the concept came from our love of books and telling a story. i love stories, i always tell my reps and winemakers to give me the background on what makes theirs unique. why? because a story sells. anybody can taste something made well, but with a story you appreciate where it came from. the history of a provisioner, and my history with food came together and allowed me to mix and mingle all of the tips and trick i have learned through the years of utilizing spices and food combinations.

i hope my audience and customers take a moment to enjoy… not just for fuel, but for fun. i want people to talk about the flavors coming out as they taste. the two things people talk about most are what they read last, and what they ate last. sometimes it goes as far as someone reading something about food, whether a review or a recipe. i want to bring conversation back to the table, as a society i feel as if we left the dinner table where we all once ate, and have taken to the technology side of apps and facebook feeds. look up and see a book that interests you, or you have read, pull it down and talk about it with those joining you at the table.    
the army took it to the next step… ugh. mre. that is all i need to say. we concocted up some pretty decent ways of preparing edible packaged food. when i got out, i started working for waterstreet seafood company as a server, it gave me training in the kitchen, and i was always torn between the front of the house and back of the house. the key thing i learned from waterstreet, after opening several restaurants as a manager with them, was the importance of fresh ingredients.

on to amarillo… started with a tex-mex concept called ruby tequilas that was a favorite in amarillo. high volume and family owned, i got to work on redesign and food cost with them. they added me on to their sister restaurant calico county, a home cookin’ type of place that served breakfast, lunch and dinner. scratch cooking at its finest; 23 fresh vegetables daily, with things like smothered steak, fried okra, and chicken fried steak on the menu. i was able to accomplish a complete overhaul of the restaurant that had signs pointing to it as far away as fort worth. after being in business for 19 years, it was time to step up our game. with advertising and promotions, we turned the place into somewhere that everyone wanted to go. at that point we bought the restaurant from the current owner as an esop. i partnered with a cordon blue chef to open a third concept, cadillac ranch, a gourmet sandwich and burger joint. i learned so much from this experience, a culmination of food, employee satisfaction, customer support, marketing… and recipes.

these recipes stay in your head, it’s like the multiplication table that you learned in elementary. you learn, you practice, you memorize, it becomes second nature. you tweak, you adjust, and you create.

i consulted with several restaurants for years while in the software business after this. my burger recipe has traveled throughout the greater houston area and won burger of the year for several restaurants and cooks. i’m always trying to help companies grow and maximize their dream, through purchasing, menu rewrites and so forth.

i got back into the business a couple of years back in the form of an event center downtown. i managed the day-to-day operations, food purchases, staffing, decorations, and cooking for tastings for events. marketing the spot as place to have every event, after over 500 events in one year, i mastered cakes, table décor, agendas, and time management.
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